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If there is a despised and feared species in the galaxy certainly is the Unlat.

The Unlat are the scourge of the galaxy. Coming from no one knows where on board large colony ships have become a terrible sight for other intelligent species: hunters, mercenaries, pirates, bounty hunters and thieves, Unlat are specialists in guerrilla warfare, assault and death . Wherever they goes death closely follows them.

The Unlat travel aboard slow and massive ships, genuine self-contained colonies, each one a state in its own right. They move in known space an apparently random manner, sometimes forming small flotillas and more often than not individually. Rarely more than three colony ships are in the same sector but if this happens immediately the alarm is sounded. Many species, including those that form the Federation, have declared the Unlat as non grata and the best they can hope for is to be immediately arrested and deported if they are found in its territory. It is also known that many ships of these species have opened fire and destroyed Unlat´s ships in deep space if is possible.

According to Unlat beliefs they were created and chosen by God Kraal the Great Raptor, the Soulflayer, to dominate other species, to be the ultimate predators. But some serious sin not often discuss with strangers made him kicked them on their side. They lost their name, Kraal’Unlat (Kraal Eyes) and began simply called Unlat (Those who seek). Since they are trying to earn the respect of the distant God but very few of them know what they are looking for and that will allow them to expiate his sin. Meanwhile Kraal’samás, the priests of Kraal, guided his kin and roam the galaxy hunting to prove worthy of their god.


Medium combat armor and pulse rifle
Hunter Unlat medium armor combat and pulse rifle illustration of Ferrán Hellar (

They are bipedal humanoid beings with features of avian origin. Apparently evolved from a kind of being like birds in their unknown native world. His face has its own short, curved and sharp beak of carnivorous bird, eyes are presented frontally unlike birds, giving them a proper binocular vision. They have no external ear or hair of any kind. Their skin is tough and scaly with small outcrops of soft down frequently in older individuals so they are considered a source of pride. In some cases the presence of cartilaginous retractable ridges that unfold in times of stress is observed. Exobiologists still argue whether it is a different species or not.

They reproduce sexually and oviparous form. Typically, an egg is just set. They lay oversized leathery, mottled eggs.


Despite the ancient sin that made Kraal distract them from their breast, Unlat are considered chosen of Raptor God, the supreme hunters and articulate all his life In relation to this. Their society is organized in a pyramidal shape being at the top of the Great Hunter, who has proven to be the most lethal warrior and capable hunter of the colony. Usually is a young individual as they should be kept in perfect physical condition. Below it are the Masters of the Hunt, former Great Hunters that has snatched away them position but have preserved life and are respected as wise and skilled teachers. Below these are the hunters, the vast majority of the male members of the colony and under these are the nestlings, children and young people who have not yet passed the first ritual of hunting. Below these are females, without any right, which is not allowed being hunters and whose duties are limited to serving hunters and raise nestlings. Apart from this structure are the Kraal’samás who are respected by their bond by God but are not considered hunters and therefore have no place in the pyramid.

They have a reproductive method that is sexual and oviparous. After a standard month after they are fertilized, the females lay a single egg of a large size covered by a elastic leathery and tough membrane. All eggs meet in breeding chambers and cared jointly by the females of the colony. Therefore there is no concept of paternity / maternity. They tend to bring together the eggs laid on dates close together to hatch at a time. The Unlat of same-sex come from eggs that have hatched in nearby dates are considered brood brothers and this is one of the strongest links that will throughout his life.
As the eggs hatch are separated by gender: males are taken to training chambers where they will when they become hunters in their own right. Females are brought to their respective share in the colony where they will begin to learn to serve.

The rite of hunting is the most important for young Unlat. When they finish their training and before they can be considered hunters must pass this rite of passage. In the rite applicants are left in a randomly chosen planet, naked and unarmed. After doing this, the ship will leave leaving the nestlings to their fate. A year later they return to find them. The survivors must demonstrate their talents showing their trophies. If the Masters of the Hunt consider them worthy then they will become hunters. If not they kill him to the shame of his brood brothers.


No vocal cords
The Unlat are not equipped with vocal cords so most languages are beyond its capabilities even if they are able to understand them. His language is high-pitched squeaks, sounds produced by the shock of the peak and the emission of pheromones. This imposes a -2 penalty to all rolls of social skills with members of other species.

It can be invoked as if it were an aspect.

Their hard skin and his stoic nature give them great resistance to pain. Therefore they earn a physical stress checkbox and may take an additional mild consequence.

Fast Healing
Their physiology allows them to heal much faster than the norm. This healing ability does not apply to severe consequences, but all minor damage is healed at a faster pace. At rest the can recover from the consequences as if they were at a lower level (one moderate recovered as if mild, etc).

They find it really hard to stay away from combat in any form. They are always looking for a fight. This can be used as an aspect.

The scum of the galaxy
They are scum, deserve to be exterminated and only how difficult it is to locate their damn colony ships is what saves them from being attacked and destroyed by a galactic coalition. Nobody wants them around, they are a source of problems and death accompanies them wherever they go. This can be used as an aspect.


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