Presence atacks

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There is also very powerful tool, which is used by many heroes pulp and often overlooked. It is a tool to win a match before starting it, get an opponent to surrender to us before we even move a finger.

What is that tool?

it can be given many names but I prefer to call it Presence .

Many characters have an image, charisma, personality or call it X that attracts attention, makes you observe fascinated or scared to death. Characters like Batman appear perched on a ledge attracting the attention of some thugs who observed between fascinated and frightened, not knowing how to react to this nightmare made flesh. And those few seconds of doubt are those who lose them, fear gripping members while the Dark Crusader moves between them striking them down as if they were mere skittles. The Shadow lurks the murderer in the shadows and when he is believed secure a demonic laughter comes from nowhere, a laugh that promises pain, a cruel sound that makes you shiver.


This can be simulated on FATE by a confrontation between a charisma skill such as Intimidate of the character and the Will of the target. The most obvious way to use it is an action of Create an Advantage to create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation and use aspect created to reinforce action (Combat, Interrogation …) But could be used as an Attack?

In the example it is clear that Batman is creating an advantage which we will call “Criminals are cowardly and superstitious” fail to beat them at ease. It is not that the physical capabilities of the Dark Knight need much help but this way can end them quickly without wasting time. But what if instead it remains static in its ledge intensely watching the criminals? These begin to be frightened, cold sweat will cover their backs and not be able rather than turn around and run, broken his courage by the presence of vigilante. This would be an attack of Presence ( Intimidate ) against Will ) of criminals and be carried out as if it were an attack otherwise, criminals lose Mental Stress by confrontation and could gain consequences.

Let’s give a practical example:

Crimson Hornet , our fearless masked vigilante walks the streets of the city after thieves who have assaulted a couple and have them stolen money and jewelry. He finds them in a dingy alleyway relishing his feat and rummaging in the lady handbag anything of value. Crimson Hornet starts talking in the shadows “Justice has found you” and uses his ability to Provoke (+3) against Will (+0) of the thieves to Create an Advantage. Die roll of CH is +1 totaling +4 while the the thieves is for a total of +0. This means that CH has sucees with style:
Crimson Hornet slowly emerges from the shadows as the thieves can not look away from him, they notice how his body is paralyzed unable to move. The Night Demon, Crimson Hornet has gone for them! They are lost!
CH creates the “Paralyzed by fear” aspect for which has two free invocations but not to him going to need.
“The stinger of justice strikes!” . He uses one of the aspect invocations to earn a +2 to his already impressive +4 Fight and finish with the two thieves in a single round.

In fighting as described would not be necessary as CH is far superior to the thieves, could probably finish them equally without using these tricks but … And how much wins the scene with these theatrical touches?


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