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You’ve created your hero, you are pleased with his powers, the design of his suit, and that name so evocative. Now you’re ready to go adventure. Or not.

Ye did you gather to create the supergroup: did you choose a motivations, the roles they would play each character and even did a design of a base of operations but how it will be called the team ?. A few discussions, some crazy idea and many plagiarisms followand that´s no solution. That’s because you did not have the names fantabulous generator for supergroups (patent pending)

Name generator for supergroups

The fantabulous generator of random names that we present

El fantabuloso generador de nombres aleatorios que os presentamos generates names of one or two words by default but nobody prevents you to do more rolls you to add complexity to the name.

It takes place two (or more) rolls on the table, one in each column to generate two words that make up the name. It’s simple right?

Do some tests:

  • 67 y 41: Gamma Avengers
  • 86 y 59: Quantum Brigade
  • 24 y 65: Thrill Kill Corps
  • 47 y 38: Danger Asembly
  • 18 y 67: Insanity Seven

Well, you’re all. Rolling!

Roll First part Second part
1d100 Name name
1  Death  Squadron
2  Love  League
3  The All-Star  Teens
4  The All-American  Alliance
5  Global  Guardians
6  International  Incorporated
7  The Great Lakes  Syndicate
8  Teen  Tyrants
9  Mystery  Society
10  Pain  Club
11  Salvation  Guard
12  Metropolitan  Men
13  Cosmic  Warriors
14  The West Coast  Enforcers
15  Mutant  League of America
16  Heroes for  Sentai
17  Royal  Flight
18  Insanity  Four
19  Freedom  Patrol
20  Tyranny  Soldiers
21  Secret  Phalanx
22  Sanity  of Supervillains
23  Vengeance  Anarchists
24  Thrill Kill  Hyperforce
25  Squadron  People
26  Honor  Commandos
27  Sovereign  Outlaws
28  Great  Detective Agency
29  Universal  Legion
30  The East Coast  Rangers
31  Destiny  Unlimited
32  The Street  Titans
33  Alpha  of Mars
34  Fearsome  Fighters
35  Hate  Coalition
36  Espionage  Pack
37  Damage  Reign
38  Solar  Assembly
39  Lunar  Five
40  Health  Ten
41  The Hellfire  Avengers
42  Holy  Mob
43  Power  United
44  The  Brothers
45  Dark  Elite
46  Protection  Cyborgs
47  Danger  Ninja Clan
48  Paradox  Gods
49  Dawn  Champions
50  Fear  of the Unknown
51  Night  Gadgeteers
52  Sun  Crew
53  Moon  Force
54  Beta  Kids
55  Outlaw  of Magic
56  The New  13
57  Peace  Brotherhood
58  South Side  Antarctica
59  Monster  Brigade
60  Galactic  Crusaders
61  Crime  Mutant Society
62  League of  Extreme
63  Nature  Justice
64  Order  Imperial Guard
65  Chaos  Corps
66  Alien  Invaders
67  Gamma  Seven
68  Earth  Family
69  Heroes  Watch
70  Time  of Victory
71  Nazi  Girls
72  The Zodiac  Europe
73  Villains  Gang
74  X-  Friends
75  Shadow  Robots
76  Culture  of the Galaxy
77  Infinity  Knights
78  Pan-Latin  Ronin
79  The Star  Protectors
80  Human  Foursome
81  The Fatal  Cabinet
82  The Super  Sisterhood
83  Omega  Works
84  American  Supreme
85  Gaia’s  Trio
86  Quantum  Defenders
87  The War  Lords
88  The Samurai  of Atlantis
89  Neighborhood  Pirates
90  Image  Sorcerers
91  Justice  Mafia
92  Revenge  Angels
93  Law  Mutants
94  Fearless  Judges
95  Royal  Emperors
96  Hip Hop  of Steel
97  Magic  Authority
98  The Parliament of  Primates
99  Science  Sentinels
100  Doom  of Evil


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