Mongolian Deathworm

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Rubén Astudillo
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Welcome to the Museum at the End of the World! Welcome to the largest reserve of beings of legend, weirdos and fantastic creatures in the world … all under our roof!



You want to see the elusive trasgu? A Naiad? A spectrum of the fire?

Ah! I know what you are looking for.

The mysterious and deadly …

Mongolian Deathworm

Gusano Mongol de la Muerte

Today I present a specimen brought directly from the Gobi Desert from where Mongolians know it as Allghoi Khorkhoi. This beautiful creature is so feared by the Mongols that even the mere mention causes terror among the inhabitants of this desert, as it is thought to be capable of spraying with such a powerful and corrosive poison that simple contact with him means immediate death helpless victim, others say it can kill through massive long-distance electric shock. But whatever the preferred way to kill people, the truth is that it is quickly and at a great distance, which is a great danger, because although people is several meters away, this does not represent them be safe and they rarely learn of the danger until it is too late.

Lovely, right?

IMAG0683 Savage Worlds stats


  • Agility d6
  • Smarts d4 (Al)
  • Spirit d6
  • Strength d10
  • Vigour d10


  • Notice d8
  • Stealth d8
  • Fighting d8
  • Shooting d8

Pace 8″, Burrow 8″

Parry 6, Toughness 10 (3)

Special Abilities

  • Feel the vibration 8 ‘ The worm is blind but can detect the presence of any creature in contact with the ground by vibration. This works out with its ability to Notice.
  • Rubbery hide: Protection 3
  • Dreadful jaw grip d10 + d4: If the worm makes an increase, this makes a catch on the target automatically
  • Constriction Has a +2 bonus on opposite Grab tests
  • Acid spit 3/6/12; 3d6, and 2d6 receives another victim from the acid in the next round
  • Lightning Bolt 12/24/48; 3d6
  • Bidirectional While the worm is not involved in a catch, you can make a Acid Spit Lightning Bolt attack at two different target in the same round no penalty.


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