Madame GAO to FAE

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Man can not be savior and oppressor … Both Light and shadow. One has to be sacrificed for the other. Choose … And choose wisely. Or Shall others choose for you

Madame Gao

First of all I have to warn that this article may contain spoilers of the first season of Daredevil . Read it at your discretion, I will not admit complaints afterwards.

In the first season of the series of Daredevil Netflix we see a kind of confederation of mafias in the Hell’s Kitchen area of  New York: the Russian mafia controlled by the visceral brothers Ranskahov, the yakuza directed by the deadly Nobu and chinese triads of Madam Gao all directed by Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin as an emperor of crime.

Ranskahov are brutal, are the living image of mobsters of abrupt new-fangled methods and liking for beating people and automatic weapons. They are not too interesting, only as cannon fodder. The rest of his organization follows the same patterns, violent and very last lap. Rabid dogs that run against your enemy taking great care not to bite you.

Some more interest has Nobu , the head of the yakuza . A character who initially looks a “simple” head of the yakuza but then we discovered that it is a lethal ninja that looks like an agent of The Hand that although never It comes to clearly say, is quite evident. It also has dark secrets and mysterious Black Sky that appear to be children of great power but which fails to materialize anything. In future seasons, perhaps?

A nice elderly woman. Isn´t it?

But the most interesting character of this oligarchy of organized crime are not they, not even Fisk but the small, seemingly harmless Gao . Gao is a chinese venerable fragile looking elderly woman, who seems unable to care for herself but showing the temperance of steel and an infinite cruelty. As series progresses we see that the fragile Gao is much more than it appears and has more secrets than any other character

Ranskahov fall Nobu is defeated, Fisk imprisoned … And Madame Gao ? Escape to a place far beyond China… maybe K’un-Lun?.

Today we bring the character of Gao adapted for use with FAE. I hope you enjoy

Madam Gao

High Concept.“The real power is not always obvious”

Trouble:I can not trust anyone who does not have FAITH , the eyes can deceive”

Other aspects:“I’m just a poor old woman”, “China? No, I come from much further “,” If you do not make a decision, others can take it for you


  • Careful:  +3
  • Sneaky+2
  • Clever: +2:
  • Flashy +0
  • Quick:  +1:
  • Forceful +1


  • I do not know your language, I know ALL languages
  • As I look like a poor old nobody expected to hit as the Steel Serpent: <em>Gao</ em> Sneaky earns a +2 when attacking a confident target


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