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Who is Commando Cody?

Probably many ye never heard this name, or maybe you believe that is the name of an officer of the clone troopers from Star Wars. Nothing happens, it’s normal. Nor is a character who has [...]
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Presence atacks

There is also very powerful tool, which is used by many heroes pulp and often overlooked. It is a tool to win a match before starting it, get an opponent to surrender to us before [...]

Madame GAO to FAE

Man can not be savior and oppressor … Both Light and shadow. One has to be sacrificed for the other. Choose … And choose wisely. Or Shall others choose for you Madame Gao
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Star Hunters

If there is a despised and feared species in the galaxy certainly is the Unlat. The Unlat are the scourge of the galaxy. Coming from no one knows where on board large colony ships have [...]




La Saga de las Galaxias #1

by Rubén Astudillo in Games 0

We started a new series in Ediciones Bizarras! The first issue of our series La Saga de las Galaxias arrives! A series based on our experiences with the Star Saga game , by Mantic Games. [...]