La Saga de las Galaxias #1

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We started a new series in Ediciones Bizarras! The first issue of our series La Saga de las Galaxias arrives! A series based on our experiences with the Star Saga game , by Mantic Games.

And the series begins with The Eiras Contract, the campaign included in the basic box of the game.


Over the lengthy years and divergent dimensions of his life, Blaine has carried many titles and won many battles. To most of the GCPS though, he is a master criminal with a litany of charges standing against him.  His origins and motivations are a mystery to all, but there is one thing that everyone, from the Council of Seven to the lowliest factotum, knows about Blaine. He gets things done.

Contact was made in an unusually direct manner. Aboard his starship, the Conqueror, a vessel capable of travelling through not only space but temporal and dimensional barriers, Blaine’s latest plotting was interrupted by an incoming transmission on a low energy but highly targeted frequency. The very fact that someone – anyone – could even find him, let alone have the nerve to beam a message straight at him, was intriguing enough to warrant Blaine’s attention.

A conversation began and a deal was proposed.

Valuable research had been stolen and damages incurred. What had been taken had to be retrieved and the guilty party punished. The client? A lowprofile medical outfit on the verge of an antiviral breakthrough. A minnow in the corporate ocean with no teeth of its own, but one with the money to at least hire some. The target – none other than Mazon Labs, one of the big players in the GCPS. A bully who had seen the chance to take someone else’s work for their own gain and now stood in need of a black eye.

The client wanted their research files returned intact and any copies deleted from a laboratory hidden on Eiras. Violence would almost certainly ensue, but, to access the site and get past the first levels of security unhindered, the client would supply a Mazon Labs shuttle and verified credentials. Acquiring these had not been easy, Blaine was told, but the client had an ace up its sleeve – an insider. Emilia Becht, a Mazon employee, had been bought, promised enough credits to betray her bosses, but on one condition. She would need to be extracted too.

Only the price remained. 300 million megacredits was the initial offer, plus all the tech Blaine could loot from the site. Eventually, he settled for 400 mill and the tech.

All he needed now was a team.

Firepower would be necessary, obviously, and some brains. Technical ability too, and a backup plan, a contingency for the unexpected. Because if there was one thing Blaine knew about the GCPS, it was that things were never quite as simple as they seemed.

His mind made up, Blaine began to make some calls.


And we set for the premiere gala premiered with a double issue:

The lone operator

A tough girl the captain.

You drop down from the ventilation system into a brightly-lit corridor, and take a moment to catch your breath and get your bearings. A stencil on the wall indicates that security checkpoint B, where your team should be waiting, is straight ahead, but the door only opens from your side. You will need to hack into the terminal up ahead to disable the lock before opening the door itself. The door is just a short walk away – easy, if it weren’t for the surprised and very hostile looking guards that have just noticed you…


The Eiras Contract campaign opens with three missions identified with letters, from A to C. These three missions serve as a tutorial to present the rules easier to digest. It is true that the rules are not excessively complex but it is also true that not all the potential players of this game are veterans of a thousand dice battles so this introduction is not bad.

In this first mission we only control a mercenary, Captain Erika Dulinsky, a tough veteran who leads the infiltration team. Its mission is simply, locate the door of Security Control B and open it so that the rest of the team can access to the complex. In front of it you will find some  laboratory technician supported by security guards with laser carbines.

Being an introductory mission the difficulty is quite low but it allows us to test the rules of movement, shooting and combat.


What will be the door that must be opened?

The main team

Do not trust yourself, the laboratory technicians of this station are very dodgy people and carry knives

You are in the loading bay entrance to Delta Complex. Your credentials have failed, so entering the facility peacefully is out of the question. While Captain Dulinsky infiltrates the ventilation system, your team need to make their way to security checkpoint B, somewhere up ahead, where she will let you in if all goes to plan. With your cover blown, it won’t be long before all hell breaks loose, so time is of the essence here. Take too long and you could be overwhelmed when the rest of the guards arrive…

In the second mission of the tutorial, marked as B, we find the other side of mission A. If in the previous mission we took the captain role to open the door of Security Control B and now we take the main infiltration team. They must wait until she opens the door of the complex while facing waves of security guards.

The main team consists of

  • Wrath, a fierce, bellicose and aggressive Judwan (But these were not pacifists? Thank goodness!) armed with a fearsome sword.
  • Francesco ‘The Devil’ Selvaggio another former corporate mercenary with an almost pathological passion for fire and things that explode. Take an effective flamethrower.
  • Combat Utility Robot B07153 ‘CURBY’ is a cute robot that glides over a field of repulsion “flying” over the playing field and using its impressive technological skills. Weak in combat but equipped with energy shields.
A poor security guard against two bloodthirsty mercenaries and a nice robotejo … does not have much to do..

This mission is somewhat harder than the previous one but you should not expect too much difficulty to pass it, it is still another training mission. It has the particularity that there is a door, the Security Control B that mercenaries can not open. They must wait for the event that opens it to appear among Nexus’s cards. This represents the time they have to wait until the captain has been able to do his job on the other side and gives an uncertainty to the duration of the game quite interesting. In the final stages of the mission, with the sirens playing and the reinforcements arriving everywhere, it can turn into a fight against the clock to survive.

And the balasera was formed!

And for another day we leave the formal presentation of the mercenaries and talk more about the rules.

  • 5/10
    The lone operator - 5/10
  • 6/10
    The main team - 6/10


The scenarios seem interesting to me in their approach, perhaps a little less in their execution.

They are, in my opinion, excessively simple in their resolution for mercenaries. While this is understandable for being tutorial / learning missions can be somewhat frustrating for the player who incarnates the Nexus (The adversary of mercenaries)

However they are useful to learn / practice the rules and entertaining to play.


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