Konflikt ‘47

War goes weird

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Rubén Astudillo
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Lightning news

Today I has reached to me the news of the beginning of the period of pre-purchase of a game that I did not know and I did not expect: Konflikt ’47


Mecha in Bolt Action!

Warlord Games in partnership with Clockwork Goblin Miniatures and with the counseling of Osprey launches a new miniature combat game based on the famous and more than proven Bolt Action.

The year is 1947 and World War II has not ended: It´s time to throw to field test the terrible war machines developed during the conflict: Armored Walkers vehicles, nuclear tanks, undead troops … in a total war to three bands (the USSR has cut its relations with the rest of Allies).

The game uses a variant of the rules of Bolt Action with additional rules for new troops / technologies .

I am expectant awaiting more news.

More information about this presale here


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