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Rubén Astudillo
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Long ago, back in the distant 2017 I started painting a couple of bands to be used in Pulp Alley. And how was that? Well, I painted one, which you can see in this post. What about the rest? What about his adversaries?

Well, I start painting them now. Not bad, more than two years later.

We will continue with the painting process, this time of the good guys in history and we start with a classic. A doctor in archeology somewhat peculiar that armed with a hat and whip is looking for relics around the world snatching them from the perfidious seekers of the Thule Society of Stahlmask.


It is a metal miniature from Pulp Figures specifically the PHP-02 reference that collects sosias from some well-known heroes of pulp or neopulp. Why do I make this distinction?

As you can see, it is still in a very early phase, it is barely primed in gray with Vallejo Surface Primer and a skin base has been given with Vallejo 70927 Dark Skin.

In future posts we will bring in progress of the painting. I hope it doesn’t take two years to post again.


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