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Conquest Gotham!

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Rubén Astudillo

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Rubén Astudillo

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Gotham City is under the threat of a gang war, the informants reported that the Two-Face band has entered the territory of Black Mask while Penguin’s henchmen are marauding the Crime Alley. Meanwhile nothing is known about the Joker… Could Batman and his allies maintain the appearance of tranquility in Gotham City?

Batman Miniature Game is designed to play with bands between five and twelve 35mm miniatures exceptionally well sculpted by Knight Models. If you do not know this game and you’re wasting your time.

Do not you know how to create your band? Do not worry, people of ¡Cargad! It is doing this work for us. (In SPANISH)


Green Arrow 
Law enforcers
Shadow league
Black Mask
Organized crime
Court of Owls
Poison Ivy
Mad Hatter


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