Avenger Duck for FAE

Diabolik protector of Duckburg

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It has come to me the secret diary of the great Fantomius, the gentleman thief. And with its secrets  I become Avenger Duck the protector of Duckburg

utQ5GmZAvenger Duck is the alter ego of Donald Duck. For a random coincidence fell in possession of the property of an old mansion where he found the secret diary of Fantomius a heart of gold thief who robbed only the rich to make justice. And armed with the secrets of this and some gadgets used to take revenge on all those who took advantage of him as Uncle Scrooge or his cousin Gladstone Gander. He later abandoned this facet of avenging petty thief and giving a heroic twist to their actions became a hero in his own right. He became the protector of Duckburg while as Donald maintaining the facade of incompetent and lazy.

Since then and using numerous inventions developed by Gyro Gearloose he has faced numerous opponents, both common thieves or gangsters as true supermenaces. He is also member of the informal supergroup Club of Heroes.

It is a relatively unknown character outside Italy and perhaps Spain. In Italy was a great success created by the Italian division of Disney to vindicate poor Donald who used to get hurt all his adventures.


Avenger Duck


High Concept: “The masked protector of Duckburg”

Trouble: “Uncle Scrooge always wants me to work for him for free”

Other aspects“No one would suspect who is under the mask”, “ I am the the depositary of the secrets of Fantomius”, “I am the justice, the scourge of bullies”


  • Careful:  Average (+1)
  • Clever: Mediocre (+0)
  • Flashy:  Good (+3)
  • Forceful:  Fair(+2)
  • Quick: Average (+1)
  • Sneaky: Fair(+2)



  • When I have access to the inventions of Gyro Gearloose I win Flashy +2 attacks against my opponents..
  • As I know the Fantomius’s  techniques I earn +2 Sneaky when trying to force a security system
  • As I am a master of disguise I earn +2  to Clever when I try to fool someone


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