Walls and floors

I see the Kickstarter platform, a campaign to fund a modular system of walls and stone floors. The pieces are made of plastic, not resin, and looks good.


The price … well, these things are always expensive but I think they have gone a little. With a basic set, which costs $ 50 you can build a large room but little else. To build a dungeon would be necessary a few sets and then it is too expensive.

However, if you want to see  it

It is interesting that no additional charges for shipping to the US, Europe or Australia are made and shipments are not too expensive.

The dungeons with 3D walls and floor are very nice and showy, especially if properly painted. They give a very good appearance in conjunction with the miniatures though, in my opinion, can be cumbersome when handling the miniatures inside. However, for a game of skirmishes may be of interest as it is important to have a lot of scenery to hide / conceal our troops.

If you want to put your floor and walls dungeons, or your battlegrounds for your games of Mordheim / Frostgrave there are better options but each judge for himself.

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