Painting tray

One problem that many have is the lack of a space dedicated to painting.

When I see the studios / workshops or whatever you want to call them the site of certain painters to paint envy corrodes me. Large tables, shelves full of paint cans more tones of the than the human eye can distinguish, tools, brushes … but above all: Space.

I can not say the same, I do not have a site that can dedicate to paint, a place where I can leave exposed the models until I finish them. I have no alternative but to collect all the gear each time I finish, which often takes longer to settle and collect that painting itself.

So I have always caught my attention paint tables, or more properly paint trays as they allow you to have a small mobile painting workshop easy to pick up..

Therefore I decided to acquire one and I have to say I’m delighted with the experience.

It is a paint tray made from MDF 3 mm laser cut (I love the smell of burning wood that follows the MDF). This comes in several pieces that must be assembled using wood glue (white glue is best)

The package where it came. Flat, easy to transport.
In my case the Bandua brand. I’m pretty happy with the tray but there are many brands, not only this.
The pieces, either close together in the package
It has few parts and no assembly instructions but not need of them.
The assembled tray. Stuck with white glue.
With a few pots of Vallejo, some brushes and the next project.

Looking ahead to pick a paint tray is important to look at the holes for paint pots, if it has them. In my case I chose one in which  Vallejo / Andrea / Army Painter pots can be used because are the paints I use. If you use Citadel or Tamiya paints or other brand you have to find one that suits these pots.

I have liked much the holes that have for brushes. Has some larger than others holes and allow the use with brushes with a really thick or oddly shaped handle. I’ve gotten a triangular handle Army Painter without any problems.

Now I’m running out of excuses not to paint.

Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting

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