Dungeon Universalis

We left our lethargy to present a game that we just heard about. The damn goblins of our information service do not work properly and we had not heard before this game. They say they tried to wake us up but surely they lie like dirty green skin they are.

Either way, the fact is that there is a new dungeon crawling game: Dungeon Universalis.

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Aventuras en la Marca del Este Miniature Game Cover

From the blog Aventuras en la Marca del Este (Adventures in the East Mark) comes a new advance about their miniatures game. It is not a report on the state of development, nor the sculpted his miniatures.

They tell us that continue the testing of the rules and bring us that will probably is the cover image. It is a new iteration of the iconic image of a warrior fighting a dragon.

The image is a work of Manzanedo and, as usual, shows great quality.

We keep reporting.

A story of dragons: Tirant of Halpi

As I said in a previous post I fear that once the last of the expansions of Dungeon Saga which was funded by crowfunding is put on sale, a break will occur in this game. Probably to prepare a second edition as happened with Dreadball. If we add the video posted Mantic with a mysterious teaser in which can be seen Blaine,  his “pet” …

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Dungeon Saga novelties for September and October

They are already coming news of upcoming releases from Mantic for the months of September and October and there are some for Dungeon Saga, one that makes me especially excited and that closes the series of materials that were unlocked in the crowfunding.

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Aventuras en la Marca del Este Miniature Game

For a long time we have no news about the production of dungeoneering miniature game which is developing by La Marca del Este.

The Gods of Synchronicity want that on the day I decide to put online this website they decide to publish a report of condition (OK, I know that yesterday posted but do not let reality spoil you an omen).

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