Star Saga Alpha

Yesterday began the Star Saga crowfunding campaign  and, as expected, was a great success.

In just one hour they had raised enough money to finance the game and an one hour later had unlocked the first additional goal, a pack of scenery.

A few hours later the second: a new mercenary to be used as a character. A kind of energy vampire capable to absorb enemy energy to heal herself or heal their companions.


And that in a few hours. How far we will arrive in 24 days left?

In addition Mantic published an alpha version of the rules for testing and criticizing. You want to try? Here you have

I’ve already taken a look at them and I liked a lot. They are based on the rules of Dungeon Saga but have some important differences as the use of special dice and differences in rules for combat at a distance. This, as expected, is far more important than DS and has interesting rules such as the “pot shots”: the character out briefly at your coverage to make a shot and take cover again.

Another important difference is the Reinforcements. The Nexus (the opponent, the villain, whatever you want to call it) is not limited by the minis that is at stake but can go calling reinforcements. With a little luck can turn into a bloodbath.

Terminals are also an important point. Through these characters can unlock doors or even disable the arrival area of reinforcements in addition to more extravagant uses depending on the scenario.

Finally one thing that many claimed in DS, the ability to search loot rooms to scavenge equipment and armament.

My conclusion after these alpha rules is quite satisfactory.

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