Miniature Holders & Grips for painting and sculpting

I bring you a patronage campaign through Kickstarter platform that seeks funds for making some curious tools. What tools? This holders and grips are designed to hold a model without having to touch it, that way we avoid spoiling the paint or leave stains of sweat and fat in it.

Who would not have been painting a miniature and found that not know how to take it to reach the nooks it has? Who has not been painted fingers holding a figure?

What brings this CF is a turned wood support to which a piece similar to a bottle cork that traps engages and press the tab of the miniature so you can take as a wood handle. As you can see in the campaign crowfunding there are two models, one with a long handle and a much smaller with a bow of metal.


Here you can see the short: a piece of wood, cork holding miniature metal and an arc to catch him comfortably.


And here we have the largest model that has no metal arc but has a greater gripping surface.

Personally I think I would go better with the first.

I think a very interesting idea and I am not the only one that is having a great success and today has exceeded more than thirty times the amount requested.

Here is the link

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