The Mimic is a cute creature I found spending my wages playing King of Dragons (Great game!) in the arcades and discovering that every now and then when you tried to open a chest it tried to eat with a huge mouth full of teeth.

When I discovered AD&D I found back to these Character eating chests in the Monstrous Compendium I was really excited.

Then I’ve been losing the track but a post of Rolero Rural reminded me back to it and decided to make my own Mimic for use Dungeon Saga And what you have here. The picture accompanying the card is a photo of the author of the blog Rolero Rural from a Reaper mini (Also available in the Bones range) painted by him who gave me kindly to perpetrate this crime.

The way to use this card is simple. When designing an adventure you can decide that one of the chests is a Mimic. In that case when the character opens it just give this card to the player as usual …

And then you can watch the look of surprise when the player is found to the chest he hoped get some treasure try to eat him!


Click on the image to open it in all its magnificence and download it. You can print in color and if you play with the cards holstered … they can not discover your trap!

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