Maps, maps and more maps

One thing that has always been especially annoying to me and with which I never get the desired result is the maps.

Is there any way to have maps without having to draw them?


I have always been attracted to the idea of creating my own world of play with its nations and states, its geographical features, its adventure zones … but that implies mapping and I have always been useless to draw, both in pencil and with the computer. I have tried dozens of applications to make maps and I have come to do more or less decent things but with a lot of effort.

That is why I make prayers to all the gods in praise of people who work applications that allow to generate maps in a random way. In praise to them! May all the gods bless them!

Yesterday, at the request of Master Erikebeon of the blog Padre, marido y friky I discovered a web in which the map of a city could be generated randomly. And it was a really good map. Investigating a little I found another that generates the map of an entire continent..

And here I share with you:

Example of randomly generated map on this website


Azgaar´s Fantasy Map Generator It is a map generator worldwide. Yes, worldwide. It randomly generates the map of the world with its nations, its cultures … You can configure it to generate more or less large maps, with more or less nations etc … And then you can export it to an SVG to use it wherever you want. What I can tell you falls short so it is better that you try it.

A randomly generated city.

Medieval fantasy city generator It is the perfect complement to the previous one. It is an automatic generator of cities in which you can configure the size, the existence of castle / wall, the presence of coast or rivers … and even has a 3D viewer.

And there are more great websites that bring us generators that make life easier when creating: tavern generators, seed generators of adventure …

As I find things of these I will bring them.

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