Mantic Clearance

It seems that in Mantic are making a clearance, which they have launched some interesting offers to remove stock and make room for new products.

What is it about?

The part that most concerns us to the topic of this website is the minions offer corresponding to the types of Overlord have been put on sale so far: Undead, Abyssal and Greenskin . 34.99 pounds for 27 miniatures, three of them being large (The Troll Zombie, the Moloch and the Troll). Not a bad price.


The Fantasy Taster Box is also very interesting: by 49 lbs have 70 or more miniature chosen at random from all ranges of Mantic fantastic games: Dungeon Saga, Kings of War and Loka . It can be very interesting to have miniature for races which has not yet Overlord (Yes, Abyssal Dwarves, I look at you .. .) although the randomness can be a problem. is a box of surprises .

There are a lot of deals on Kings of War minis, especially cavalry which, despite its attractive price we get a little theme. Although the idea of seeing dwarven berserkers mounted on brocks through passageways of an old dwarf mine is attractive … and creepy!

There are two more regiments deals Kings of War that may be more attractive

  • Elven palace guard : elves are infantry, which can be interesting if you go to prepare a Quest with some evil characters against a Elven Overlord
  • Goblin Mincer: Admit it, you liked the name. They are a kind of modified steam tunneling machines to disembowel people instead of stone. Do not you think some great opponents in a controlled area for goblins? To this we must make rules but right now …
  • Trolls: Perhaps 12 Trolls are too many … or be a really cruel Overlord.
  • Werewolves: Do you think you’ll have enough with 12? Grab two boxes, man!
Goblin Mincer… simply lovely

The remaining offers are not bad but how they are to Warpath, Deadzone or Mars Attack will not comment on them.

If you enter into the page you will see that are still on preorder. Do not ask for something and then not despair waiting for it to arrive.

If you are a good Overlord never know enough Minions … This is yours!

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