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We left our lethargy to present a game that we just heard about. The damn goblins of our information service do not work properly and we had not heard before this game. They say they tried to wake us up but surely they lie like dirty green skin they are.

Either way, the fact is that there is a new dungeon crawling game: Dungeon Universalis.

dungeon-universalis-cajaDungeon Universalis is a game that comes through a massive funding campaign on the KickStarter platform that at the time of writing this it has raised € 160,723 from the € 35,000 it requested, which has 1446 people supporting the project with their money … And there are still 23 days left! It can be said that the campaign is coming out more than good.

And what’s the game about?

The most obvious answer is that it is a Dungeon Crawler in which some brave heroes will go over a thousand and one threats launched against them in pursuit of the achievement of a mission. It is a game that allows from 1 to 6 players.

Wait. From 1 player? Yes. The game has several modes, one of them being the solo game.

  • Standard mode with a dark player: This would be the default mode of almost all dungeon crawl games. In it, a player knows the scenario and is in charge of making things difficult for the heroes.
  • Cooperative mode: This is a 100% cooperative mode, without a dark player.
  • Lone wolf mode: Single player mode.
  • RPG mode: the Dark Player is omniscient (like a RPG master). Does this mode mean that it becomes a role playing game using a board? We do not know.
  • Open map mode: In game mode of thumbnails, without boxes. Frostgrave style?.


Once the game mode is chosen, the characters are created or chosen among the predefined ones. They tell us about 18 races and 20 professions, so the range of possible characters is enormous..

And once we have our characters and it’s time to throw them into the adventure.

The part of dungeon is quite classic: the board is unveiled as the characters advance through it, there are rooms, furniture and doors to which enemies and traps are added. The funny thing is that the enemies and traps are not fixed on the stage but the Dark Player (either a real person or an AI) generates them based on the cards he has in his hand and some points that he has at your disposal to spend. These points depend, among other things, on the number and power of the heroes, so playing the stage with more powerful characters does not necessarily make it easier. I like the idea, in fact I like it a lot, although I would have to try it to see how it works.

But when you finish a stage, the adventure does not end. The heroes will not teleport from one stage to the next. They will have to travel, meeting opponents, allies or subplots along the way. They can also visit temples, taverns or shops to heal, rest or change their equipment.

In short, it seems a kind of advanced game of dungeon crawling: more complex than Descent or Dungeon Saga and closer to RPG but without reaching this. An intermediate point.

d0d6d3673e6d477dbe53adac3f9b6041_originalI have not been able to prove it but I have read the advance rules that have been published and I have seen the videos and reviews of people who have been able to taste it. And the truth is that I’m getting long teeth.

But the crowfunding term ends in 23 days and it is not expected to be distributed in stores with what is now or never.

PFinally, the content of the game. It must be clarified that it does NOT have miniatures. Instead use cardboard “miniatures”, although it is true that we all have miniatures to give and take that we can use in the game. Keep this in mind, I do not want anyone to be deceived.

More than 100 skill cards (85 letters of them acquirable by profession).
– 95 letters of travel events.
– 20 career letters.
– 25 types of furniture.
– 80 cards of actions of the Dark Player.
– 18 cards of hero races.
– 30 letters of special elements.
– 96 spell cards.
– 170 team cards (weapons, armors, potions, rope …)
– 53 magic item cards.
– more than 200 cardboard silhouettes.
– Several colored bases for cardboard cards.
– A large number of cardboard markers for wounds, mana, coins, status indicators, etc.
– A bestiary.
– A book of adventures and campaigns.
– A rules manual.
– A map.
– Two large cardboard markers of about 20×8 cm.
– A set of 6-sided dice.

And here I leave you better reviews that is:


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