Dungeon Saga novelties for September and October

They are already coming news of upcoming releases from Mantic for the months of September and October and there are some for Dungeon Saga, one that makes me especially excited and that closes the series of materials that were unlocked in the crowfunding.

But let’s step at a time to see what brings us Mantic for these months.

MGDS23 – Dungeon Saga: Heroes of Kickstarter – $34.99

MGDS23This is probably the novelty that surprised me. It is a pack four metal miniatures of characters that do not correspond to any of the Quest published so far.

His name is Niola Malone, S Gone Jacksington Ellwood, Shadow Walker, and Funny Bone the jester. The first three are correct figures that can be used for characters in DS but what about the last?

I love the concept, it is a skeleton dressed as a buffoon who seems to dance waving bells. A miniature for a boss of the undead? Just this miniature longer interested me. The others are an extra.

MGDS06 – Dungeon Saga: The Tyrant of Halpi – $49.99

This is the Quest I most expected of all announced. Let’s be serious. Who does not like dragons? Who of us like to play unravel the mysteries of a dungeon we do not like dragons?

They are iconic, powerful, mythical beings … And a pleasure to see them painted.

In this quest the characters face many dangers to reach the force behind the ominous events that begins with: a great dragon, the Tyrant of Halpi.

It also includes miniatures of Ally the halfling thief and Ibrahim the paladin.

Dungeon Saga: Legendary Heroes of Halpi – $19.99

As usual, also will the heroes of the quest The tyrant of Halpi in his legendary version made in metal. I do not seem particularly noteworthy,  correct.

I think with these references, that end with the materials that were unblocked in crowfunding, Mantic is likely to give Dungeon Saga a break before taking anything new. And if my instinct not fail me the next thing we see of this game will be a new revised version.

Apart from the news for DS, I also want to highlight some things that are for Kings of War but … we can assert the same for our game with dungeons.

– Forces of the Abyss – Tortured Souls $29.99


A tortured souls to fight against the players. It contains 9 metal miniatures with a pretty good-looking that are mounted on three bases. For use in Dungeon Saga should be re-based but no problem right?

MGKWA302 – Forces of the Abyss – Hellhounds $29.99


Some hellhounds, friendly fiery three-headed puppies. Are not they adorable?

Five multicomponent metal miniatures.
MGKWN402 – Naiad Wyrmriders – $34.99


Naiad cavalry … okay, is not it very useful for Dungeon Saga but … What are cool?
MGKWN403 – Earth Elemental Regiment – $34.99

Three elementary stone made of metal. Quite apparent, his appearance facing the characters must be brutal in DS.
MGKWD201 – Dwarf Stone Priest – $10.99

I could not find this dwarf priest images but I suspect it may be a good choice for use as a cleric character.

There are occasional novelty over KW but with chariots or cavalry and we were out of it.

Now wait to get out and to keep an eye on person.

Information extracted from the blog Until Somebody Lose An Eye


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