Black Chapel novelties

I confess I do not know this Spanish brand and also have to confess to having seen some of his miniatures I’ve fallen in love with them.

Black Chapel designs and sells  white metal fantasy miniature at  heroic scale (approximately 30 mm) with which we are valid for our dungeoneering, skirmish and battle games.

First I saw a newa batch of dwarves

The Jarl of Northern Dwarfs and the Watcher of Northern Dwarfs are very good figures: detailed and very nice with classic poses. But I would emphasize the Axe Thrower. First because it is not a weapon that we see very often and second because the model transmits a sensation of agility and quickness very rare to see a dwarf, has a very dynamic and extremely attractive pose.

I love it..


But then something even more unexpected happened. They showed some  elves…  And I like them!


And I do not usually like anything the elves. GW has created a bad school in this regard. But these elves have a really wild look that won me over. As good forest elves are lightly equipped, with partial armor and much of the skin exposed have every aspect of barbarians of pointed ears.

Special mention deserves the figure of the claw-blades.


A brand to keep in mind.

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